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Underrepresented repertoire


Music as an instrument of negotiation between cultural identities: the case of Native American music according to Louis Ballard and Alberto Ginastera

Even in a globalized world, contrasts between ethnicities and cultural identities still provoke social tensions. Can art music play a positive role in this scenario? Is music a language capable of interpreting the evolution of cultural identities and functioning as an intermediary in the negotiation between ethnicities? I believe it is, and that there are many underrated examples showing this. As a case study, I consider Louis Ballard and Alberto Ginastera among the composers who worked in this direction in the last fifty years. 

Technology and pedagogy


Piano OpenLab. A patent-pending virtual piano lab infrastructure for improved, innovative, and sustainable group piano college instruction

Diverse pedagogy

Playing Piano

Close your eyes, and make music: a case study in teaching students with visual impairments. A 60 min. keyboard lab presentation

Piano teachers are usually unaware of how to approach the education of visually impaired pianists. This study explores one of the possible pedagogical methods and the insights that can be gained, thanks to the collaboration of pianist David Lai, and of Professor Michael Chertock, faculty member at CCM Cincinnati.

With Molly Sanford and David Lai

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